4, August 2016

Which skin and body care treatments are right for you?

From facial peels to hair removal – there are many ways to care for your skin and seeking professional help isn’t always easy. Most of us are very careful about our skin and prefer to take care of it at home, but there’s no harm in widening our beauty horizons. In recent times, luxurious laser and chemical treatments have become a huge trend, promising better, fresher and more radiant skin – permanently. Nowadays, the sessions at the dermatologist as well as the professional DIY options are even tailored to your very own skin type. To try and break down the range of options out there, here are some professional beauty treatments and products that will make your skin look so flawless, you might swear off foundation for good.

Facial peel

Facial peels exfoliate dead skin and allow the skin to “breathe” better. They also kill the bacteria that cause irritation and blemishes and even open up pores. The great thing is such treatments work for all ages. The younger generation benefits from a brightening effect and overall glow, and as we age, a facial peel can reduce wrinkles and pigments.

If you’d rather opt for a DIY option, a glycolic facial peel is the solution for a professional-quality home session. It can penetrate deeply into pores and effectively binds dead cells together. For beginners, it is important that you use a rather low pH concentration for the peel – a pH of 2 or 3. Any higher and there will be no effect; any lower and the skin will be irritated.

Laser facial

A laser facial is the perfect option for anyone with tiny scars or fine lines and wrinkles. It is the only treatment here that you should only have carried out by a dermatologist. These days, you can get a laser facial during your lunch break – some won’t even take longer than ten minutes and the pain factor has been reduced to zero. The laser facial vaporises damaged skin cells at the surface, minimising blemishes, wrinkles, scars and irregularities with precision.

Be aware that this treatment is not for everybody. Those with a darker skin tone or pregnant women may be advised against it, so be sure to check with a dermatologist to discuss whether this treatment suits your needs.

Body hair removal

From waxing to sugaring to threading, the options for hair removal are so numerous and diverse that it is easy to lose sight of which is the best. Furthermore, scheduling a waxing appointment at a salon or aesthetician may not always be the highest priority for everyone. The good new is that compared to more specialised treatments like the laser facial, you can easily do professional-quality epilation at home.

There are many different product options out there; you just have to decide what works best for you. Either you go for classic epilation with a wet/dry Panasonic epilator or you try out Panasonic’s latest version of the IPL, which will gently emit a flash automatically every three seconds and remove unwanted hair with the most modern technique. The IPL is suitable for almost any skin type and it’s definitely the perfect solution for professional body treatment at home.

There are countless professional and home beauty treatments that can help you keep your skin clear, smooth and beautiful all year round. If budget or time constraints make seeking the professional advice of a beautician or dermatologist not suitable for you, there are many excellent treatments you can carry out at home – alone or with friends.

Whether it’s efficient hair removal, gentle exfoliation or refreshing facial hydration you need, Panasonic have a wide selection of beauty products to suit all needs and skin types. Browse the whole range here.