How to prep your skin for flawless make-up

There are almost too many make-up colours, textures and brands to choose from, and all of them promise a perfect skin tone. But what has to be done first and last? How do we even prepare our skin to create a flawless foundation and how do we properly remove…

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16 Sep 16

3 Tools for the Most Popular Female Beauty Treatments

Yes, it’s bikini season. Unless you’re going au naturel this summer (every lady is… Read more

9 May 16

Halloween costume inspiration for 2016

Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re feeling that pang of anxiety that comes… Read more

17 Oct 16

Which grooming tool is right for you?

Whether grooming is part of your daily routine or just something you do when… Read more

16 Sep 16

Men’s grooming tips from around the world

The times of strict fashion rules are over, not only for garments but also… Read more

4 Aug 16

Which skin and body care treatments are right for you?

From facial peels to hair removal – there are many ways to care for… Read more

4 Aug 16

Trimmer lengths: explained

A tidy beard is a man’s best accessory. Have you taken advantage of yours?… Read more

11 Jul 16

How to ban ingrown hairs for good

Summer bikinis don’t leave much to the imagination; so, it’s understandable that even a… Read more

11 Jul 16

The Move to At-Home Manscaping: How DIY Grooming Saves Men Money

Manscaping. It's officially a big business. Many salons now offer professional hair removal to… Read more

9 May 16
Woman wearing black holding a boquet of wilting flowers on white background.

How to style your hair for Valentine’s Day

The dress sets the tone, the lipstick adds a touch of oomph but the… Read more

10 Feb 16
Summer Breeze

Japanese beauty remedies to try at home

One of the most mysterious traditions to emerge from Japan is the country’s geisha.… Read more

10 Mar 16
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