4, August 2016

Men’s grooming tips from around the world

The times of strict fashion rules are over, not only for garments but also for personal beauty and health trends. You can wear a full beard today and be completely smooth-shaven tomorrow; everything is possible and the options for care and creativity are endless, though it obviously all starts with a great trimmer or shaver. Whether you want three or five blades, wet or dry, Panasonic offers you a wide range that covers all individual needs for a perfect shave. But let’s be honest: in the end, it all comes down to your personal style and preferences. So, to get some fresh inspiration, we asked men from all around the world to share their personal tips and experiences with us.


“After my usual shaving routine, I always clean my face with ice-cold water. It closes the pores and reduces red spots. It’s an easy trick, especially if you have a lighter skin tone.”
Dan Smith, music producer, London


“Even more important than the shaver itself is the quality and state of the blade. I always take care to never use a blunt blade as it irritates my skin and doesn’t provide an even shave. If you shave every day, you should replace your blade every one to two weeks.”
Alex Toger, agency owner, Berlin


“Invest in a good shaving cream and a rich moisturiser. To me, it’s important that all the ingredients are natural since they will not only improve your shave but have a long-lasting positive effect on your skin.”
Yang Ho Kim, graphic designer, Seoul


“Even if I have a healthy growth of beard, I try to take one to two days off a week from shaving. My skin is always much calmer and smoother after a day’s break.”
Ruben Hernandez, architect, Berlin


“Before I add my shaving cream, I sometimes use some gentle exfoliation lotion to perfectly prepare my skin and remove some of the dead skin.”
Daniel Cooper, graphic designer, New York


“When I’m in a hurry, I always shave under a hot shower in the morning. The heat opens my pores, which is great for a proper wet shave. It also saves me valuable time that I choose to invest in a good breakfast.”
Julian Krause, musician and DJ, Amsterdam

However you choose to style your facial hair or care for your skin, ensuring the high quality of the tools you use is paramount – not only for the appearance of your skin but also for its health. Take these tips as inspiration for exploring new avenues of grooming that can update your morning routine to keep you looking fresh and your skin healthy.