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17, October 2016

Halloween costume inspiration for 2016

Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re feeling that pang of anxiety that comes from not having your costume idea sorted yet, here are a few simple and effective ideas that are perfect for 2016 – whether you’re sporting a healthy beard, have had a close shave or whether you simply don’t have time to worry about your facial hair at all.

man with mexican calaveras makeup, on the phone

Never out of style, this costume inspired by the Day of The Dead is perfect for a clean-shaven man, and it uses plenty of face paint to take advantage of smooth skin. This look seems like a lot of effort but actually isn’t, making it ideal for an impressive last-minute costume idea.

For the costume itself, wear black shoes, suit trousers, a crisp white shirt, a black waistcoat and a tie – a long necktie would work just as well as the bow tie shown here. The face is where this costume really comes into its own. Create a solid white base coat everywhere apart from the tip of the nose and the eyes. Make sure you also leave a strong border following your jawline.

With black, fill in the large eye areas and the nose. Then, take inspiration from the Day of the Dead sugar skulls and get creative. Start by drawing lines on your lips for the teeth, and add embellishments such as dots or petal-like lines around the eyes. Don’t be too concerned with perfect symmetry here – the hand-painted look is what this is all about.

Viking with horn

Our second easy Halloween look is something a little out of the ordinary but it is perfect for bearded men who have little time to prepare for the festivities. To perfect an authentic Viking look, leave the horned helmet at home and get to work designing impressive Norse-inspired tattoos instead.

You can draw your own temporary tattoos a number of ways but an effective method is to use smudge-resistant eyeliner topped with a light layer of hairspray to create realistic-looking designs that will last about a day.

For the costume itself, go shirtless and wear loose-fitting trousers – remember, it’s authenticity you’re aiming for so the rougher you look, the better. In terms of facial hair, a beard is a must. If you’re willing to go all the way, shave the sides of your hair close to add some edge.


If time really runs away with you and you have mere minutes to prepare for a Halloween party, this classic is sure to get you out of a tight spot. Find a sheet, carefully position it over your head and cut two holes to see through. Costume complete!

The greatest advantage of this costume is that it truly doesn’t matter what you wear underneath, or what you look like. The irony associated with such an iconic costume is also enough to excuse your laziness – perfect.

With the exception of our final suggestion, perfecting your facial hair is essential for a well-finished and impressive Halloween costume you choose. If it’s the clean-shaven look, you need to have your skin smooth enough for lots of make-up; the range of Panasonic shavers has you covered. For beards, moustaches and everything in between, take a look at Panasonic trimmers for the control you need to nail the details.