1, November 2016

Anti-aging tips to maintain youthfulness

An anti-aging routine is not necessarily the reserve of women of a certain age. In fact, the sooner you begin thinking about anti-aging, the sooner you can build it into your skincare routine with minimum effort.

To get started with an easy anti-aging regimen, here are our top tips for beginners wanting to maintain youthfulness and sow the seeds of a fantastic beauty regime you can benefit from in the future.

1. Exercise

Regular exercise has many health benefits, including being great for your skin. Many studies have shown that the increased circulation helps deliver more oxygen and nutrients to skin cells while carrying away toxins and debris. Better circulation has also been shown to increase firmness and promote damage repair. So, get moving at least twice a week to see noticeable results in your skin!

2. Hydration, hydration, hydration

We all know we should drink a lot of water; and when it comes to the long-term effects of dehydration, it is the skin that really suffers. Drinking at least two litres of fluids every day – including juices, milk and tea – should be a benchmark for staying hydrated.

Like exercise, good hydration has many health benefits, including being really key for the skin. In terms of anti-aging in particular, staying hydrated is great for minimising small wrinkles and fighting dryness that may cause damage, particularly in the winter months.

3. Daily sun protection

Even if you think the sun isn’t that strong or that sunblock is only a summer thing, it’s never a bad idea to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV. The easiest way to build sun protection into your daily routine is to choose a moisturiser that has an SPF (sun protection factor) or to switch to a foundation that has sun protection. Before you hit the shops though, check your existing products as many popular brands already include sun protection.

4. Exfoliate twice a week

The regular removal of dead skin cells is a good habit to get in to. Not only does it make your skin feel smoother and healthier, it also promotes the growth of healthy skin and can help with the absorption of beneficial ingredients in your moisturiser and other skincare products.

5. Always Remove Make Up Before Bed

We’re all guilty of forgetting or not being bothered to remove our make up before going to sleep, but you should never go to bed without thoroughly cleansing your face. Leaving make up on overnight is a sure way to clog pores and reduce their elasticity. Also, regularly change and clean your pillowcase to prevent blemishes caused by the build-up of oils and dirt.

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