17, December 2015


Find more with less. Simplifying life is at a minimalist’s core, starting with material possessions. But is that even possible over the holidays? By applying some basic minimalist principles to your busy agenda, the answer is most certainly yes.


Declutter the Decorations


First thing’s first: tone down the tinsel. Have fewer decorations and stick to white, gold, silver, and natural materials – simplify your holiday instantly. Imagine replacing the tree with a lovely poinsettia plant or a fragrant rosemary bush, adorned with a few silver bells.


Cut the Christmas Cards

Holiday cards often become clutter on the mantle and are more than likely thrown out come the new year. It seems unthinkable to not send them but do they feel like a joy or simply an item on your yearly to-do list? Consider sending a holiday email instead. You still pass along your greetings and thoughtful sentiments but in a less material way.


Spend More (and Meaningful) Time with Loved Ones


When holiday activities get into full swing, ask yourself if this is absolutely essential. You don’t have to go to every white elephant party. You don’t have to travel for hours to spend a few days with someone you hardly know. Commit your time to those who matter most, in the spaces that feel best to you.


Give Practical Gifts


Avoid buying presents that will end up in the back of a closet. A good rule to keep in mind is to only buy gifts that your loved one needs, reads or would frequently wear. This means another snow globe and that 32-hue eye shadow palette are out. But something practical that can be used everyday, like quality kitchenware or a replacement camera lens, is in. And for the women in your life who need a basic skincare tool, the EH-SA31 Facial Ionic Steamer is a simple present with a point. Its warm six-minute steam is all a woman needs to cleanse her skin and keep it moisturised during these cold winter months.